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Personal Finance Daily: ‘Get it right’: Still haven’t filed your taxes? 7 last-minute tips to survive a challenging tax season and housing keeps getting more expensive. Is there relief in sight?


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California man admits buying hundreds of MacBooks stolen from Tesla, Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley

Philip James admitted serving as the fence for employees who stole computers from the electric car manufacturer and the universities Read More

‘Get it right’: Still haven’t filed your taxes? 7 last-minute tips to survive a challenging tax season

The IRS has already received more than 91 million tax returns, but there’s still plenty more to come. Read More

Housing keeps getting more expensive. Is there relief in sight?

The cost of shelter has increased by the largest amount in four decades over the past year, driving overall inflation higher. Read More

Biden to allow more ethanol in effort to ease gas prices — here’s what you need to know

President Biden will temporarily allow gasoline with 15% ethanol to be sold between June 1 and Sept. 15. Normally only a 10% blend can be sold in the summer. Read More

‘Putin’s price hike’: Bad news for commuters and summer road trippers: Gas prices have soared 48% over the past the year

New inflation numbers come as President Biden says will allow high-ethanol blend gas for sale in summer. Read More

‘The news is constantly reminding young folks that they are not getting ahead.’ But does a 19-year-old really need a financial adviser?

Young people turn to financial planners to make sure they’re off to a good start as adults. Read More

This crowdsourced site shames car dealers for huge markups

The practice of record-high markups has grown common enough to trigger pushback from car companies and buyers. Read More

The pros and cons of a workcation—should you lug your laptop when you travel?

For better or worse, working vacations are transforming both workplaces and the travel industry as new norms are established amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

5 challenges to help you save more money

If saving for tomorrow seems out of reach, the right money challenge can generate excitement, push competitive buttons and potentially increase savings. Read More

Why a plug-in hybrid might be your best choice

Electric cars do not appeal to everyone. Think of a PHEV as splitting the difference between a conventional gasoline car and a fully electric vehicle. Read More

Financial Crime: Couple bilked investors out of $5 million after claiming they invented software to rival Microsoft that one employee called a ‘heap of junk’

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